This page serves as our public, unordered roadmap. See something you want us to prioritize? Have a better idea? Don't see something you wish was here? We want to know! Email our founder James at [email protected].
  • Improved Searching
    • We're working on better filtering, search, and selection, along with ways to edit, reschedule, and cancel Tasks.
  • Task Queue Controls
    • Create and manage separate queues with more granular controls over how Tasks are scheduled and executed.
  • Improved User, Project, Notification, and Billing Management
    • Most User, Project, Notification, and Billing management is currently done by contacting support. We are working to make this all available in the dashboard soon.
  • Mass Debugging
    • Sometimes a group of many tasks fail for the same reason. We're ideating ways to make this easier to identify and take action on.
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