Mergent offers the following plans:

  • Free: Get all of the features of our Standard plan, up to 1,000 invocations per month.
  • Standard: Pay as you go, our most popular plan. You are charged based on the number of tasks invoked each month.
  • Enterprise: Custom plans for customers with specific needs, including dedicated support and SLAs. Contact us for more information.

You can compare features across our plans on our pricing page.

Usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing allows you to pay only for what you use. This model ensures you only pay for the value you receive.

As your usage increases, your cost per invocation decreases. This lets all customers benefit from economies of scale without having to negotiate custom pricing.

The following table shows how the cost per invocation goes down as usage goes up:

InvocationsBase monthly spendPer additional invocation
1,000,000$1,150.00$0.0002 ($200.00 per million)
2,000,000$1,350.00$0.000175 ($175.00 per million)
10,000,000$2,750.00$0.00005 ($50.00 per million)
100,000,000$7,250.00$0.000020 ($20.00 per million)
1,000,000,000$25,250.00$0.000004 ($4.00 per million)
10,000,000,000$61,250.00$0.000003 ($3.00 per million)

Example 1: 15,000 invocations

If you invoke 15,000 tasks in a month, you will be charged $30.00.

  • The first 10,000 invocations are $20.
  • The next 5,000 invocations are $10 ($0.002000 per invocation).

Example 2: 1,200,000 invocations

If you invoke 1,200,000 tasks in a month, you will be charged $1,350.00.

  • The first 10,000 invocations are $20.
  • The next 90,000 invocations are $157.50 ($0.001750 per invocation).
  • The next 400,000 invocations are $200.00 ($0.000500 per invocation).
  • The next 700,000 invocations are $972.50 ($0.000200 per invocation).


What is an invocation?

An invocation is the execution of a single task that you run on Mergent. For example, if you run a task to get the latest stock price for Apple, that counts as one invocation.

Schedules (crons) create tasks, so each time a schedule runs, it counts as an invocation. For example, if you have a schedule that runs every hour, it will count as 24 invocations per day.

What if I delete a task before it is invoked?

If you delete a task before it is invoked, it will not count towards your monthly invocation limit.

What happens if I exceed the free plan limits?

If you exceed the free plan monthly invocation limit of 1,000, you will be emailed and asked to upgrade to the Standard plan. If you do not upgrade, your tasks and schedules will be paused until the next billing cycle.

Are there limits on the number of team members I can have?

No, there are no limits on the number of team members you can have. Invite your entire team!

Are there discounts for annual or multi-year commitments?

Absolutely! We offer significant discounts for customers who choose to commit to annual or multi-year plans. This not only provides savings but also ensures budget predictability. Contact us at for customized offers tailored to your needs.

What kind of support is included in each tier?

  • Free Tier: Email support with a 24-hour response time.
  • Standard Tier: Priority email support and live chat during business hours.
  • Enterprise Tier: Dedicated account manager, 24/7 phone support, and personalized onboarding and training sessions.

What if I have a different question?

If you have another question not answered here, please contact us at