In Mergent, work that recurs at regular intervals is represented by a schedule. These intervals are defined by a cron or rrule.

When a schedule is triggered, it creates a task. This task then initiates a request to your application, just like a standalone task. It’s important to note that tasks created by schedules function identically to individually created tasks.

Because schedules occur at regular intervals, they are most often created using Mergent’s dashboard. Applications that require additional control — for example, when creating schedules dynamically per-user — can create schedules using Mergent’s client libraries (like mergent-js) or the API.

Example: Let’s say you have a news aggregation site and you want to send a digest of top news articles to your users every morning at 8 AM.

In this scenario, you would create a schedule in Mergent using a cron expression to represent the “every day at 8 AM” interval. When the schedule triggers, it creates a task to generate and send the digest email.