Task rate limits are a feature that enables you to set the maximum number of tasks that can be sent to your application per second or minute. This limit can be anywhere from 1 to 500 tasks per second or per minute, depending on your needs.

Mergent’s default rate limit is 500 tasks per second per project.

Why Use Rate Limits?

Using rate limits helps prevent your application from being overwhelmed by too many tasks at once. It ensures that your system can handle the workload smoothly without causing delays or failures in task processing. This is particularly important for applications that require stability.

How It Works

Mergent utilizes a sliding log algorithm to manage rate limits. This method tracks the number of tasks dispatched over a rolling time window, ensuring that the rate of task dispatch does not exceed your specified limits.

For example, if you set a limit of 100 tasks per minute, Mergent ensures that at any given 60-second period, no more than 100 tasks are sent to your application, regardless of the distribution of those tasks within the minute.

Adjusting Rate Limits

You can adjust your rate limits at any time through the Mergent Dashboard. If your application’s capacity changes or if you anticipate higher or lower traffic, simply update your settings to accommodate these changes.

Consider your application’s capacity and processing times when setting rate limits. It’s important to find a balance that maximizes efficiency without risking overload.